Bath Salt

Bath salts are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve cleaning, enhance the enjoyment of bathing.


  • Any grain size can be produced
  • Private labels/brands can be placed
salt chunks

Crystal – Salt Chunks

crystal lightpink

Crystal – Light Pink

crystal medium salt

Crystal  – Medium Pink

crystal darkpink

Crystal – Dark Pink

Deo Stick

Soap bar

Soap Bar

heart stones

Heart Shape Stone

salt balls

Ball Shape Stone

spa items detox

Detox Dome

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Detox Block

Enjoy Calming Bath Sessions With Our Bath Salt Varieties

Himalayan salt is perfect to exfoliate skin and get the most out of a bathing session. Effective bathing does not only involve wiping away dirt from the skin, it also means caring for your skin the way it deserves. We produce Himalayan salt scrubs in a variety of grain sizes and varying bar shapes to ensure that everyone gets what they are looking for. You can apply powder grain on face or use coarser grains for a Himalayan salt spa like experience.

The mineral-infused Himalayan salt is perfect for bathing purpose. Delivering a higher level of muscle relaxation, the salt is ideal for a relaxing bath after a long and stressful day. It is also infused with healing properties, making it suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Detoxify Your Soul And Body Simultaneously:

Imagine getting to detoxify your soul as well as body during a bathing session. Not only can a Himalayan salt bath deliver excellent therapeutic effects, but it can also calm your nerves. Its sulphurous aroma has a unique relaxing potential. Himalayan salt soak is also effective in limiting the swelling and irritation of bug bites.

Our salt is sourced from the native origin of Himalayan salt – the Himalayas. It is rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium – making it a cure for various skin conditions. Himalayan bath salt, when added to the bathing tub, delivers anti-inflammatory effects and healing properties. It soothes the skin to eliminate wounds, or skin irritation. Patients having eczema, psoriasis or acne can all benefit from the rejuvenating and skin restoration capabilities of this salt.

Scaling, redness and itching caused by skin conditions can be easily controlled with a mineral bath containing Himalayan salt grains. It will wipe off your dead skin cells, making way fresh and new cells. In short, regular exfoliation and detoxification with Himalayan pink salt has proved to be extremely beneficial for skin health.

Improved Blood Circulation For A Healthier Skin:

Just like Himalayan salt inhaler is designed for respiratory disorders, Himalayan bath salts are developed to combat skin flare-ups and dryness. A “soak and seal” method with Himalayan salt provides offers ample moisturization for people with dry skin conditions. This is achieved through regulating the blood circulation of the body. As you soak in the salt bath, fresh blood rushes towards your skin, hastening the healing process.

Our collection of bathing salts will provide you with a plethora of benefits. Aside from Himalayan bath salts, we also have a stock of Himalayan salt candle holders for those who like to decorate their homes with gorgeous pieces. Browse our collection to find different products made from pure Himalayan salt.