Edible Salt Manufacturers

Edible salt is also known as table salt. We believe that every food table deserves to have the nutrients and richness of Zameer Edible Salts because we provide a hundred percent pure quality of the edible salts to our end consumer, we provide the grain size of the salt according to the requirements of our clients. We produce the high and refined quality of table salt or edible salt

Himalayan salt is the most natural and purest salt available on earth. It contains up to 84 essential minerals and elements for enhancing human health by boosting energy levels, improving circulation of blood, and hydration process. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful pollutants, thus making it a better consumable salt in comparison with table salt.

Zameer Salt produces and delivers 100% natural food-grade edible salt to importers, wholesalers, and established brands around the globe. We can provide the finest quality grains of food-grade Himalayan salt in accordance with your needs at staggering competitive prices.

Edible Salt

Our pink salts are available in different color shades and sizes as demanded by our customers. The color shades range from dark pink to medium pink to light pink while different mesh sizes are also provided including fine as well as any size in coarse.


  • Any grain size can be produced
  • Private labels/brands can be placed
crystal lightpink

Crystal – Light Pink

crystal darkpink

Crystal – Dark Pink

running whitesalt

Running – White Salt

crystal whitesalt

Crystal – White Salt

Light pink salt powder

Running – Light Pink

Light Pink Cooking Salt Fine Grain

Running – Medium Pink

medium pinksalt finegrane

Running – Dark Pink

crystal medium salt

Crystal  – Medium Pink

Himalayan Salt For Food

Salt is not just for flavoring the food but is also a great source of nutrition. While refined white salt works just as well when it comes to flavoring, Himalayan salt offers a healthy alternative. It is rich in 84 trace elements and has a perfect balance of potassium and sodium. On the other hand, white salt is heavily processed to remove its impurity, which ultimately results in an imbalanced substance of sodium and chloride.

This is why we ensure that the salt that reaches you is 100% natural in every way so that you can make the most of all its health benefits.

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