Himalayan salt has been used for centuries and can be found in various goods ranging from beauty to health care; one of them is for cooking, which is being driven by the latest healthy-eating trend.

Cooking with Himalayan Salt adds flavour to your meal while providing several health benefits. In terms of cooking, a practical approach to using Himalayan Salt is to cure food, which is effective in dry-ageing meat.

This blog by Zameer Salt, a well-known Himalayan salt supplier from Pakistan, will tell you everything you need to know about Himalayan Salt, especially for cooking purposes.

What are Himalayan Salt Blocks? (H2)

As the name implies, Himalayan salt blocks are giant slabs of Himalayan pink salt that have been precisely carved for cooking. They come in a variety of sizes and are used for cooking, curing, chilling, and displaying food in an explicitly unique way.

They’re incredibly thick and efficiently transfer heat, which is why the slab retains heat and evenly seasons food.

Himalayan Salt Plates

Himalayan salt slab serving plates are perfect. You may chill the slab in the refrigerator to serve items like sushi or freeze it in the freezer to offer cold desserts.

Most meals will be saltier in flavour, but denser and drier foods will be presented more appealingly and inventive manner.

Curing Food With The Salt Block

Himalayan salt blocks can be used to cure thinly sliced meats, fish, and shellfish. Simply chill your natural salt slab for several hours before placing thin slices of Tuna or beef carpaccio on top and watching the curing process begin.

The distinctive pink colours and diverse textures of this 100 % natural miracle of nature are made for engaging debate and a lovely, natural serving platter for all your favourite dishes.

Curing With A Dry-Aging Room

Butchers can dry-age meat for extended periods without decomposing due to the natural antibacterial environment created inside a salt room chamber.

The dry-ageing room has a thick Himalayan Pink Salt wall. Himalayan Salt Bricks in translucent red, orange, and pink tones are layered on top of each other to make panels along the wall.

How it Works?

The salt particles react over time to provide a distinct quality, softness, and flavour to the meat. To be more exact, through ionisation! Himalayan rock salt is known for its cleaning and flavour-enhancing properties, making it ideal for ageing.

The salt grains in the rocks absorb moisture from the meat and the surrounding air, penetrating the meat and boosting its flavour. When combined with the decreased temperature and humidity in the chamber, the salt reduces the formation of undesirable microorganisms in the meat.

It also relaxes the meat’s muscular fibres, which is why beef dry-aged with Himalayan salt is considerably more delicate! It also darkens the beef, changing its look and flavour profile substantially.

The Nutrients Inside

Himalayan salt is thought to be extremely beneficial to one’s health. A Himalayan salt block’s nutrients will penetrate your meal when you cook or grill on it.

It’s a huge benefit because the salt combines all of the health benefits of its 84 constituent elements, including many trace minerals; this makes the salt block versatile, letting you use it as a pan and enhance your meals!

Conclusive Thoughts

In today’s world of excessive refining and artificial treatment of everything, it’s impossible to find something as pure as Himalayan Pink Salt. Although refining has some advantages, but it can also wash out all critical ingredients.

You do not need to be concerned about Himalayan salt, especially if you get it from a trusted supplier like Zameer Salt. It is hand-mined and provided to you in its purest form so that you can reap all of its benefits.

Try cooking with a Himalayan Salt now that you’re aware of the benefits. We guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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